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todomodo is a todo list app which aims to be very simple and efficient to use. Its web based to allow access from any device.

Being minimalistic it lacks some common features other task managers include (like due dates, recurring tasks and native apps). We value simplicity, in both usability and implementation, higher than support for every tick-box feature.

todomodo is also open source which makes it possible to host yourself and even customize for your specific needs.

See about todomodo for more info.

User login

Todomodo only support social login for user authentication.

This means that you login using your existing login on any of the most popular social sites like Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

There are many advantages with this setup.

There is one thing you need to remember regarding social login.

If you login once using one service (e.g. Google+) and choose another service (e.g. Facebook) on a second login, we will consider these as two separate users accounts. So please remember to use the same login service every time.

Add project

When you first login to todomodo you will not have any todo lists ("projects") defined.

It is trivial to create a new project. Just append a suitable name to the URL in the address field of the browser.

You will get a confirmation question - if you want to create the project.

Do you want to create project ┬┤learn-todomodo┬┤?

Confirm and you will enter the new project.

The chosen URL will also be kept as a link to the project which you may reference directly.

Add tasks

To add a simple task, just enter a single line of text ("summary") and click Add.

Tasks are allowed to contain an associated text note. Notes are defined by the subsequent lines below the first summary line.

To include a note, press Enter after the first summary line and enter the note text in the same text input field. The note may contain several lines of text.

Add screenshot

To get a better visual overview you may expand the text view by dragging the bottom right corner to a suitable size.

Note text support Markdown formatting.

Click Add to add the task including the note. You can also use Shift-Enter as a short-cut to Add.

Tasks with an associated note will be indicated by a small icon. You toggle visibility of the note by clicking on the task summary.

View of a task with a note

That is all you need to know about adding tasks.

Manage tasks

To finish a task you can either mark them as Done or Remove them.

Done tasks are kept, but moved to a "Just completed" list. Completed tasks can be revived which bring them back to "Current tasks".

Removed tasks are removed permanently.

Tasks can also be edited by selecting a single task and select Edit.

Share projects between users

It is possible to share a project between users. Just click on the options symbol on the right of the project in the project list.

Options symbols for each project

Just follow the instructions on the following screen.

Project share view

Advanced topics

Timed tasks

Tasks by default are not specified in time. But it is really simple to add if you want.

Just add a time specification on one of the input lines. A time is specified as a row starting with any of on, at or in.

A single row with e.g. on is interpreted as a timed specified task for today with no start time and no duration.

If you like you can specify a date or a relative day, a start time and a duration. See some examples below.

at 14         # today at 14:00
on tue        # next tuesday
on nd         # next day i.e. tomorrow
on pd         # previous day i.e. yesterday
on nw         # in 1 week 
on n2w        # in 2 weeks
on pw         # 1 week ago
on tue nw     # tuesday next week
on 24/12      # at christmas
on 24/12 15   # at christmas at 15:00 for 1 hour
on tue 1:30h  # on tuesday for 1.5 hours

Experiement with it, most formats just work!

A timed task will have a due time specified in the header e.g. (today), (in 1d) etc.


You can specify tags in the title which can be used to filter tasks within a project.

Some predefined tags will also change the color of the task title:

#green or #ongoing, #orange, #red or #prio, #violet, #gray or #later


There are some more advanced features that is only available on request

Privacy policy

This service is hosted in Sweden on my own servers. I am using OpenBSD which is considered a very secure platform. The stored data are under no circumstances shared with any third party.

If you have very high security requirements you may host the service yourself.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for the service is the same as for the code i.e. according to the ISC license.

The service is provided "as is" and the author disclaims all warranties with regard to this service including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness. In no event shall the author be liable for any special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever resulting from loss of use, data or profits, wheather in an action of contract, negligence or other tortious action, arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of this service.


todomodo is developed by Uniply AB. Feedback is welcome!